About the Chief Electoral Officer and the MMF Elections

The Chief Electoral Officer administers provincial MMF general elections and by-elections, and the conduct of referenda and plebiscites. The appointment is for a set term. 

The authority for the position is contained in Article III of the Election Bylaw of the Manitoba Metis Federation. That authority provides a broad mandate with wide powers to set, manage and conduct the election provided it is done within the rules set by the Election By-law. That article also provides a general direction to inform the decisions of the CEO to ensure that no eligible voter is disenfranchised.

In performing his duties each CEO builds upon the experience, successes, and challenges of his predecessors. The rules for elections are generally consistent with past practice unless there has been a change in the bylaw or past events show a need to re-consider past practices. To date, there has not been direct regulation of election finances. 

While the CEO may be asked to oversee local elections in special circumstances and upon a formal request made by the Board to him, his general mandate does not currently include elections within locals. He is, however, available to locals to provide advice.

After each vote the CEO prepares a detailed report for the Board within 60 days. The determination of whether or not to make the report, or any part of it available, is a decision of the Board. Other than providing the details of any issue which required determination and the result, the CEO does not provide public comment upon issues or decisions during or after an election.

By managing voting in a fair and impartial way, the Chief Electoral Officer makes sure that citizens of the Red River M├ętis have full access to their democratic rights.  

David Neil Gray is a lawyer in Swan River, Manitoba now employed by the MMF as its CEO. He received his call to the Bar in 1981 and worked in a private practice until January 2, 1984. He then became the Executive Director of the Swan River Friendship Centre and continued until August, 1987 when he joined the provincial civil service. Throughout that time he maintained a practice of law. After conducting several reviews for the MMF he was hired in 1989 as General Counsel continuing in that role until 1993 when he returned to private practice. In 1998 he joined Manitoba Justice as a Crown Attorney and was the Supervising Senior Crown Attorney in Thompson and The Pas until November 30, 2017 when he returned to private practice. In February, 2017 he accepted appointment as CEO when a regional by-election was required in Thompson and was confirmed as CEO in July 2018 as the CEO.

His contact information is: David N. Gray, Chief Electoral Officer MMF Box 1178, 201-203 5th Ave. N. Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 Telephone 204-614-0225 Toll free coming soon Fax: 204-614-0225 Email: davgraylaw@gmail.com


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